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October 2020

Today, champagne is no longer only reserved for great occasions such as weddings, anniversaries or other. This sparkling drink can also be enjoyed with family, friends or at romantic lunches and dinners. Fine bubbles and creamy foam can then appear from the aperitif, a stage that is so important in France. What champagne for an aperitif? To choose the right bottle, follow our advice!   Anticipate a rise in power In order to choose your champagne for an aperitif, you must first keep the following principle in mind: the rise in power. Namely, this applies to champagne and wine in general. In this case, the order of wines and champagnes has its importance. Thus, white wines should

You are looking for a small producer champagne? As many wine lovers will tell you, you only risk a good surprise when you think outside the box. Indeed, big houses are not the only ones to produce quality champagnes. Thus, J.Charpentier offers you a range of champagne that will surely seduce you!   Wine grower’s champagne : a mastery of the entire production For information, an independent winemaker produces exclusively his champagne with the grapes of his vineyard. So, this one controls the entire manufacturing process unlike champagne houses which buy the majority of their grapes from wine growers. To be precise, some houses also have vines. However, they are not sufficient to