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Origine – brut nature



Freshness and Tension

Variety: 45% Pinot Meunier 55% Pinot Noir


Crus: Villers sous Châtillon, Le Breuil, Reuil, Binson-Orquigny


Vinification:1st alcoholic fermentation only in thermoregulated vats followed by malolactic fermentation and then blending with reserve wines stored in temperature-controlled tanks. And in oak barrels.


Ageing: blending of two to three different harvests followed by cellar ageing for 48 to 54 months


Specificities: a wine without any addition of liquor that can be surprising, but very nice for amateurs or people looking for new experiences


Dosage: any addition   –   zero dosage

Golden colour frank and deep, with lively and continuous effervescence

Round and frank, composed of white fruits, citrus fruits and roasted almonds

Lively, ample and fleshly, it expresses a great freshness with notes slightly lemony and a touch of saline on the finish

Champagne perfect for the aperitif and ideal in the summer time. It will charm lovers of sushi trays or carpaccio of St-Jacques.

Guide Hachette 2022, 2 stars : « intensely floral nose, persistent palate of seductive freshness »

Guide Veron 2022 : « heady farandole. Radiant vitality, greedy roundness ».

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